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Mustafa Tolosa is a marketing expert not only focusing on traditional advertising methods but also on what drives consumer behavior. Ever wonder what drives brand loyalty? Why someone chooses one brand over another? If the furniture in your store impacts how much customers are willing to pay? Ask Mustafa, he’ll tell you.

Micro Video Ads

Micro Video Ads Everyone keeps on asking about my micro video ads so I decided to make a post about them. Back in 2014 we all anticipate video ads to be next big thing. Phones were finally fast enough to stream HD video through 4g networks and advertisers started to adopt video using their old school [...]

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Why Nostalgia Works in Advertising

Why Nostalgia Works in Advertising Ever look at an old photograph and remember the scents and sounds? Ever wanted to go back in time to relive a moment? Do certain smells bring up childhood memories? If you answered “yes” to any of those you might have been feeling nostalgic. What Is Nostalgia? “Nostalgia is a [...]

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Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Best Personal Injury Lawyer We had the chance to create a website for who we consider to be the best personal injury lawyer in Sonoma County. Personal Injury Lawyer Marie Maiolo Muchow needed a new website that could also be used as a marketing tool so we created it. However, what made this project so special [...]

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3 Important Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned

3 Important Marketing Lessons I've Learned While everything in the marketing and advertising industry is constantly changing, I believe these 3 important marketing lessons will remain relevant for years to come. Below are 3 of the most important marketing lessons that I’ve learned not just in marketing but as a business owner as well. Give [...]

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Build Your Own Website or Hire Someone?

Build Your Own Website or Hire Someone? With so many great DIY website builders you might ask yourself, should you build your own website or hire someone? Well, it all depends on what your budget is and what you want to do with your site. Any website is better than no website. You just started [...]

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AHS Inspired Healdsburg Video Shoot

AHS INSPIRED HEALDSBURG VIDEO SHOOT Our AHS Inspired Healdsburg  Video Shoot has been one of our most exciting collaborations so far. We took on this project because we love American Horror Story and also to help preserve a historic site. The photos were all shot at an abandoned school in Venado, CA. This ghost town [...]

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Successfully Deal With Hispanic Business People

SUCCESSFULLY DEAL WITH HISPANIC BUSINESS PEOPLE Can you successfully deal with Hispanic Business People? Hispanics are the fastest growing consumer demographic in the United States. They also make up a large portion of new business owners. While Hispanic Business People come in all shapes and sizes, one thing that most have in common [...]

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