Business Videos

At Createsburg we create various different types of business videos. The business videos we create are marketing tools designed to evoke emotions, highlight your products and/or services while simultaneously telling your story.

Some of the few benefits of business videos include:

  • Increased brand presence
  • Exposure to potential customers/clients
  • Opportunities to convert past customers/clients
  • Search Engine favorability benefits
  • Business Authenticity
  • Boost to your social proof

Below you can see some of the types of business videos we can create.

Your Story

A Business Video that tells “your story”. These videos are great to deliver information about your business. Your Story videos also look great embedded on your website. What makes these videos unique to the other options is their length and the voice over. The length tends to be 2-4 minutes, which is enough to tell your story and deliver information but short enough to keep your audience captivated.

Social Media Videos

Our Social Media Videos are geared for mobile devices. Mobile phones are the number one device used to access social media. For over a decade, 16:9 aspect ratio was the industry standard for video but with the mobile revolution, we are interacting with video in ways we never have before. Our Social Media videos are shot and created to be seen on mobile that is why we opt to use 1:1 ratios and complete vertical video at times. This ensures that the video takes up more screen space higher the chances of it being seen. You can read more about this on our blog.

Micro Video Ads

Micro Video Ads are some of the more effective ads on the internet. Due to the short length they usually get the most views.
Some useful applications for these types of ads are:

  • Promote Special Deals
  • Let customers know your location
  • Highlight a service


We are not limited to the video types that we listed above, those are just the video forms that we find bring the highest return on investment. There are many other types of business video applications like television, long form website videos, real estate videos and more. Don’t be a victim to procrastination. Contact us today.