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Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Advertising.

Is your business having trouble gaining traction and traffic? SEM & PPC Ads are a surefire way to drive more relevant visitors to your website. Our team at Createsburg will find keywords to keep your bids low. Every two weeks your ads will be adjusted so your business receives as much traffic possible at the lowest price possible.

Other Benefits of SEM & PPC

One choice, many benefits.

Along with the obvious immediate benefits of higher traffic, there are also a lot of SEO benefits to running PPC & SEM campaigns. Search engines favor websites that get more traffic. When we drive more traffic to your business using PPC & SEM your not just getting more traffic but you’re also getting traffic from relevant customers that are more likely to stay on your website. How long visitors stay on your site is also a determining factor of where you rank on the search engines, the longer people stay on your site the better your business ranks.

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