Guest Speaking at Morenita FM

I received a text from Neil Pacheco on Sunday asking me if I was going to guest speak on his radio show “La Morenita FM”. I didn’t remember agreeing to it but I love public speaking so I agreed and met with him in Petaluma the next day. When I arrived I thought that I was in the wrong place, there was a Mexican market on the top floor of a building with various Mexican toys, clothing and sweets. Neil came out of a backroom wearing on of his signature 3 piece suits.

As I entered the backroom I was surprised to see a super nice facility with sound proof walls, computers, microphones and walls plastered with old flyers of Mexican artists that have performed in the Sonoma County area. There was a lady sitting behind the computers talking faster than an auctioneer on the microphone. Neil set me up on my own microphone and then they started live-streaming the talk show. Everything was in Spanish which was nice because it slowed the pace of my rapid thoughts.

When I saw the ugly angle that Neil was filming me at, I got my phone and started streaming it from a better angle. You can watch the video from my angle below:

Spanish Speaking Market

During this talk show people tuned in all over the place including my family in Mexico (which lead me to a new client). I always knew that the Spanish speaking market was huge and Hispanics are the fastest growing consumer demographic in the United States; but this show made realize the size of this market on a global scale.

At Createsburg we helped a client that took American products into Puerto Rico advertise his products over there in Spanish and English. Our video advertisements were shown on Fox Puerto Rico. Unfortunately things did not go well for the company after the hurricane.

Risks and Benefits of the Spanish Speaking Market

We have to keep in mind that a lot of Latin American countries are still considered “Developing Countries” or countries “In Transition”. While there is less security in the time we invest into these markets, there is also less competition depending on the industry.

With such a large Spanish speaking population do you think it would be a good idea to target this market vs the English speaking market?