3 Important Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned

While everything in the marketing and advertising industry is constantly changing, I believe these 3 important marketing lessons will remain relevant for years to come. Below are 3 of the most important marketing lessons that I’ve learned not just in marketing but as a business owner as well.

  1. Give it around 90 days. It is very hard to measure how well a campaign has done before 90 days. Studies show that people tend to recognize brands after seeing them 3-5 times, skip the BS “7-times rule“. Depending on your market and target demographic they might recognize your brand but not be in the market to purchase what your company has to offer. With a longer period you can more accurately access how a campaign did. When working with clients I usually notice results after 60 days but I will still drag the campaign 90+ days.
  2. Focus. Business owners tend to be very creative which is why they are business owners in the first place. However, too much of any good thing is bad. We’ve all met those crazy people that have crazy ideas, a lot of them good-most of them bad. Now image those same people but with a lot of money, ready to carry out their ideas. Too many ideas under one roof usually ends with horrible branding. Now it is natural for a photographer to also offer video, vice versa but it is harder when a “your name here” photography also offers pony rides. Even advertising similar services under one brand can become confusing and overwhelming so be careful about what you put out there and focus on what you’re good at.
  3. Cheap Clients Suck. Stay away from cheap people like the plague! These people will drain your time and resources. I have found that the cheaper clients are the more time consuming they are. They also complain more which is why companies like Living Social usually end up lowering your perceived value.