Build Your Own Website or Hire Someone?

With so many great DIY website builders you might ask yourself, should you build your own website or hire someone? Well, it all depends on what your budget is and what you want to do with your site.

Any website is better than no website.

You just started selling your awesome new product and all you can afford is $500 for a new site. In this case I wouldn’t buy a $500 site. I would use something like shopify or etsy to create the website. It will not be the best website ever, but it will do the job until you can afford to pay someone to build something nicer for you or update your currently site (which will be under $500). Shopify is a very strong platform but you probably will not use it to it’s full potential unless you hire an expert.

What is your time worth?

I know many business owners that have the “know-how” when it comes to building websites but it’s not worth their time to build their own website. It is cheaper for them to hire someone than to break their heads for hours trying to troubleshoot their site. Usually these same people fall into the category of wanting expert advice and professional work. In this case I would hire a marketing firm.

Are you building a website or a marketing tool?

At Tolosa Solutions we like to say that we don’t “build websites, we build marketing tools”. Every website we design is packed with back end features to drive our clients results. If you’re looking for a website that makes you money, it’s always best to hire a firm to make it for you, if they know what they are doing-your well spent money will multiply and find its way back in your pocket.