See how some of our clients have adjusted their operations during Covid-19

Still getting ahead during a pandemic.

Most of our clients are considered “essential” but even our “essential” clients have felt the pandemic’s negative impact.

Below we will go over some clients that were both minimally and largely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Regardless of “essential” or “non-essential” this pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another.

Viral-ish Videos

The importance of relaying information.

A lot of our clients such as On Fleek Studio have various different ways to reach their clients. These different channels/databases took years to develop. When something like Covid-19 happens, you might not have years of data to use for communicating with your audience.

We’ve had various different clients hire us for short, professional videos to get their message to their audience/potential audience.

Here you can see one of our favorite (and best performing) videos during this pandemic, KIN Windsor.

Virtual Meetings

Zoom Consultations

Virtual Consultations via Zoom.

Marie Maiolo Muchow doesn’t let things just “happen”. As soon as the shelter in place was announced, she decided out ride out the pandemic from home.

She has benefited in the past from her Online Consultation Form but during the pandemic she wanted to take it a step further.

She wanted to do consultations from home.

In order to achieve this in the most efficient way possible, we set up a pop-up page on her website with scheduling options. Once scheduled, you just need a cellphone handy and you’ll be able to get your consultation via zoom.

Covid-19 Splash Pages

Pick-up & Delivery Services.

During the shelter in place many restaurants closed while others rushed to apps like DoorDash and Ubereats.

Many restaurants were still getting a lot of web traffic but weren’t able to communicate with their customers; they were available for curbside pick-up or deliveries via delivery apps.

We were able to implement “Covid-19 Splash Pages” for a lot of clients. Some customers even opted to have full online ordering.

Other clients like Mi Pueblo Marin had already implemented online ordering 6 months prior to the shelter in place. It was interesting to see Mi Pueblo Marin throughout this disaster because a lot of their customers were already familiar with ordering food on their website.

How Can Your Business Cope During this Crisis?

Coping during Covid-19.

While this crisis is unfortunate and we hope it ends soon, all businesses can be proactive during this time. Now is the time to do everything you have put off in the past.

We have compiled a list below of things that you can do if your business is completely shut down:

  • Start a mailing list
  • Create images for social media campaigns
  • Create video content for social media campaigns
  • Restructure the way your business operates
  • See what business costs you can cut
  • Invest in long term advertising
  • Work on content for your website
  • Network with others in your industry online
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