Camacho’s Southern Style BBQ Kickstarter Video

Using video to kickstart a company.

Oscar Camacho reached out to us via Instagram about creating a Kickstarter Video for his BBQ Business, Camacho’s Southern Style BBQ.

Two days after our initial contact we were out at HenHouse in Santa Rosa, CA filming Camacho’s Southern Style BBQ Kickstarter Video. The video was shot during one of Camacho’s Southern Style BBQ pop-up events. Oscar and his team have done a great job branding the business so the filming was quick and easy.

Burned Captions

Fast attention.

We wanted to get the video in front of as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. We know from experience that videos with captions usually get more views on social media than videos without captions so we burned the captions onto the video.

Why did we burn the captions in instead of just leaving them in the metadata?

  1. Less troubleshooting, we wanted to get this video out quickly and didn’t want to worry if Facebook or Instagram would show the captions or not.
  2. Less options, we didn’t want to give the viewers an option to turn off the captions.
  3. On by default, we wanted the captions to always show regardless of what default settings were set on individual devices.


1 Minute Final Video

Keeping it under 1 minute.

Time is valuable so cutting out any unnecessary clips or verbiage is crucial. An important part of our strategy was to convey as much important information to potential “backers” in the least amount of time.

Why 1 minute?
Keeping the video under 1 minute allowed us to use the video on Instagram without having to open up IGTV. The goal was to keep the video under 1 minute however, in these instances the shorter the better.

Multiple Formats

Make it easy for them.

It’s always good to deliver videos in multiple formats. Usually we recommend 1:1 or 4:5 ratio for most social media platforms (if they’re going into the feed). 16:9 ratio works best for YouTube, broadcast, etc. 9:16 will work best for platforms with “stories”.

Keep in mind that most users will be viewing these ads on their phones so optimize for the phone even when shooting the content.

Did Camacho’s Southern Style BBQ reach their Kickstarter Goal?

The end result.

They did! 104 backers pledged $16,354, $1,354 over their goal of $15,000. You can read more about the kickstarter here.

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