Nature Pacific Pest Services

Helping a family owned company stay competitive online.

Nature Pacific Pest Services is a pest control company based out of Petaluma serving both Sonoma County and Marin County. The owner, Bobby Ramirez wanted a high ranking mobile compatible website that could be used as a marketing tool in the future.

Within seven days of receiving the assets/images we created

Website Synchronization

Getting all our ducks in a row.

One the first things we tackled in order to optimize this website is creating the proper social channels with the right information and verifying the proper directories. Once the off site optimization was completed we created back-links to the channels on the website.

This is something that we do with all of our clients before we start working with them. The wrong information can easily discourage customers and send them elsewhere.

Nature Pacific Pest Services
Helping Family Owned Businesses with their online presence.

Using the Right Words

Tracking the best terms.

The pest control industry can be very competitive and it is very difficult for small, family owned businesses to take on competitors that have six to seven figure a year advertising budgets. Most small businesses would automatically devalue and discount their services when facing this kind of competition but that’s not the Createsburg way.

Nature Pacific Pest Services offers the same level of service, if not better services than many franchise pest companies. In order to rank high we ran tests across the web to see what people were searching in order to find relevant key terms to optimize for. Once we found the key terms we optimized for the less competitive terms such as “eco friendly pest services”.

Small Companies Adjust Faster

Cleverness always pays off.

Nature Pacific Pest has EcoWise Certified Technicians. That is something that sets Nature Pacific Pest Services apart from their competition so we decided to optimize their eco friendly pest services in various, less competitive locations. Having a smaller business can sometimes be advantageous due to being able to make quick adjustments such as training fewer people on new services your business wants to offer.

Nature Pacific Pest Services Web & Marketing

Fewer People, More Oversight

Don’t be afraid to ask.

With fewer people, your business can also keep better track of employees and relationships with customers. Bobby was able to use that to his advantage once his channels were set up and integrated by encouraging his past customers to leave reviews. Within a short amount of time, his past customers started leaving reviews with their Nature Pacific experience which helped the business rank higher.

Nature Pacific Pest Services Strategy & Moving Forward

Keep your snowball rolling.

As of writing this article the website has been live for three weeks and is already ranking top 7 in many locations across their service areas. We forced a Google Crawl on the website and submitted a sitemap to ensure that the site gets indexed faster. We hope that in the coming months the site gets properly indexed across various different search engines. To aid this process we are currently running light ads on google and using social channels to drive relevant traffic to the site.

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