Castillo’s Hauling

Digital Marketing Summary

In this success story we will go over how we helped Castillo’s Hauling grow their short-term and long-term business.

Using Google Ads, Website Design, Light Organic SEO, and Google Business we were able to create a strategy that constantly sends them online leads regardless of they are running ads or not.

Company Profile

Castillo’s Hauling is based out of Santa Rosa, CA and provides services throughout Sonoma County and occasionally Napa and Marin Counties also.

They have multiple years of hauling experience. Some of the services they offer include junk removal, soil deliveries, material pickup, heavy equipment transportation and more. They also rent out their debris removal containers.

Company Goals

We had built them a website in the past but it was not getting much traction due to competition. They wanted to receive more online leads from clients in Sonoma County.


After some research we noticed that ranking for hauling services was very competitive. Many people in that industry were also running advertisements across multiple search engines.

In order to help the company reach its business goals we focused on the following:

  • Website SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Google Business

The SEO was very light SEO just to give the business a bit more authority. We knew that we were not going to rank very high and that if we did, it wouldn’t matter much due to so many people in the industry running advertisements.


Website SEO

The SEO focused on general key-terms that Google Business would be able to pick up on. A page was created for each service. These service pages also served as landing pages for the Google Ads we created.

Google Business

The business was encouraged to share their review form to get more reviews from past clients. Posts were also created pertaining to the services offered.

Google Ads

This is what most of our time was focused on. We ran multiple Google Ads for various different key terms. The competition was very tough so we focused on lesser known and more specific ket terms to keep the bids low. Once competitors had exhausted their daily budgets, our terms would start to show. Eventually we were able to generate enough leads that months later we went head to head against the bigger companies.


Castillo’s Hauling was able to receive a lot of leads through the ads. They now periodically run ads every couple months. When they are not running ads, they are still receiving leads through their site due to all the work we previously did.

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