Santa Rosa CBC

Digital Marketing Summary

In this success story we will go over how we helped Santa Rosa CBC drive more traffic to their events.

Using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Email marketing we were able to drive traffic to their events throughout Northern California. Eventually they let go on their radio stations and we are still helping them sell their events.

Company Profile

Santa Rosa California Broadcasting Center is located in Santa Rosa California. They are known for bringing big artists to Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Solano Counties. Event venues that they have worked with range in size from Coyote Valley Casino to the Luther Burbank Center to the Santa Rosa, Solano county and Napa county fairgrounds.

Most of their events are held in Spanish and both Bilingual and Spanish speaking audiences attend the events. They also recently sold their two radio stations but we will talk more about that later in the Case Study.

Company Goals

With traditional radio reaching less and less people, Santa Rosa CBC hired Createsburg to help them reach a larger audience using digital platforms. They wanted to utilize social media and other digital mediums to ensure people would still attend their events no matter the reach their radio stations had.


After some research we noticed that their radio station Facebook pages had many followers. This was a good and a bad thing. They problem with this was that their Facebook fans were all over the world. When they would post about an event, it wouldn’t pertain to most of the people that followed their pages. Due to this, we had to run paid advertisements.

In order to help the company reach its business goals we focused on the following:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Optimization
  • Web Retargeting

This campaign was started before the iOS 14 update so retargeting with the Facebook Pixel was a big part of our campaign.


Web Optimization

If you have read our “Own the Internet” free beginner’s guide then you know that websites usually end up being the cornerstone of most marketing campaigns. We created a simple one page site where people could sign up to the mailing list for a chance to win free tickets.

Facebook Pixel

A facebook pixel was implemented into the website so that we could create a custom audience and retarget people that visited the website. We also used that audience to create a lookalike audience with the same purchasing behaviors as the people that had visited the site.
*Note: due to the iOS 14 update this method is not as effective and will eventually become obsolete.

Facebook + Instagram Ads

Using the creative content that the Santa Rosa CBC provided we were able to run effective ads. These ads directed you to the website where you could click the links in order to purchase tickets. Many people also opted to join the mailing list for a chance to win free tickets.

Email Marketing

All of the people that signed up to the mailing list on the website received emails about upcoming events. Email subscribers were further broken down into various groups pertaining to the types of events that they were interested in attending. When the mailing list grew large enough, the subscribers were imported into the Meta suite as a custom audience. This custom audience was then used to create a lookalike audience.


Our campaign was very successful and left us with data that we could continue to use. Eventually the Santa Rosa CBC sold their radio stations and now get people to attend their events solely using their digital channels.

Although the Facebook pixel is not as effective anymore, we now use slightly different techniques that gather less data but still yield great results.

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