Rosco Corporation

Digital Marketing Summary

In this success story we will go over how we helped Rosco Corporation optimize their online channels to get more clients and adjust to a changing market. Using a combination of Organic Search Engine Optimization and Google Business we quickly helped them get more clients.

Company Profile

Rosco Corporation is located in Ukiah California and provides construction, water delivery and transportation services.

Their services are provided in most of Northern California including Mendocino, Napa, Lake, Humboldt and Sonoma Counties. Throughout the years they have been very busy constructing greenhouses, underground water utilities and delivering water with their fleet of water trucks.

With the market changes in agriculture and the drought in California, their client’s demands have shifted over the years. Less greenhouses are being constructed but more water services are needed due to the drought.

Company Goals

We wanted to drive more traffic to Rosco Corporation’s water services. Some of the less known services that they provide include water tank installations and water tank repairs. While these services were briefly mentioned on their website, they were not optimized key terms. We needed to optimize these key terms so that potential customers could find them.


After some research we saw which places were showing up using various different search combinations. We needed to be able to give Rosco Corporation fast results as the service was a one time optimization.

In order to help the Rosco Corporation get more Water Solution business we utilized the following:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Business Optimization

Using both of those methods we could ensure that they have long lasting results without any monthly fees. You can see an extreme example of this method in our Wine Country Ironworks Case Study.


Rosco Corporation’s Tasks

Rosco Corporation had to list all of their Water Solution Services with thorough descriptions about what the actual services provide. Along with the descriptions, they were also responsible for emailing us images of past water service jobs.

Organic SEO

Using the descriptions provided by Rosco we created separate pages on their site regarding the services. Their descriptions were optimized to be easy to read and use the right amount of keywords to rank high.

Images were added to the pages with backend descriptions that also used the key terms that we were trying to rank for. After the pages were created we ran a force crawl so that Google could index the pages properly.

Google Business Optimization

We optimized the services on Google Business along with creating “posts”. The posts shared the new pages in order to create back links to the website. Images with key terms and location information were also added.


Within weeks of going live they started to receive online inquiries. They quickly made a return on their investment and now get monthly clients for their water services through the site. They plan on hiring us for more Organic SEO services in the near future.

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