Frankie’s Mix Grill

Digital Marketing Summary

In this success story we will go over how we helped Frankie’s Mix Grill grow their business. One of the unique things about this business is that we challenged ourselves to do it all within 24 hours.

Using Website Design, Google Business, Content Creation, Online Ordering and other directory listings we were able to drive over 30k monthly visitors to their business.

Company Profile

Established in 2021, Frankie’s Mix Grill is a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine. They are conveniently located inside of the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall.

Some of their popular dishes include tortas, paninis, salads and more.

Company Goals

Francisco, owner of Frankie’s Mix Grill wanted to create an online presence and drive more traffic to his business. Francisco also wanted to be listed on DoorDash and GrubHub.


After some research we noticed that Frankie’s Mix Grill had no online presence. On the contrary, other businesses with similar names in the Santa Rosa area were taking Frankie’s traffic. We wanted to do something very basic for Frankie’s Mix Grill that yielded fast results.

We used the following to meet those marketing goals:

  • Website Design
  • Content Creation
  • Google Business
  • Directories
  • Online Ordering Options

This was a very basic version of our free “Own The Internet” Marketing Guide.


Content Creation

The restaurant needed to have professional images to be used as assets on their website and social channels. We took professional images using proper lighting techniques.

Website Design

Due to the restaurant being in the mall, we needed to come off as professional and corporate as possible. Frankie’s is next to Sbarro, Panda Express and other chains. A simple website was created with quick links to ordering options. The site was optimized to be used primarily as a mobile site.

Google Business

The Google Business profile was created, verified and optimized. Later on we went in and added online ordering options.


The same information we used to Google Business was added to profiles throughout the web including social profiles. Directories and media channels used were Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.

Online Ordering Options

Online Ordering options were added via GrubHub and DoorDash. Using Square as a POS system, we could have easily integrated online ordering but chose not to. We could still do this in the future.


All of the steps above were done within 24 hours. After implementing everything we waited. Within a few days people started finding Frankie’s Mix Grill online. Three months later they were getting 10k hits from the Santa Rosa area on Google alone. Fast forward 6 months later and they have consistently been receiving 30k hits a month.

The restaurant receives at at least 1-3 people daily that found them online.

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