Rancho Maria Wines

Digital Marketing Summary

In this success story we will go over how we helped Rancho Maria grow their business by tapping into an untapped market.

Using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Creative Content and Google Ads we were able to drive a completely new demographic to their tasting room in Sonoma, CA. Two years later they are still seeing new customers from this campaign.

Company Profile

Rancho Maria Vineyards is located in Healdsburg California’s world famous Dry Creek Valley. The property has been producing wine since 1902. They grow and sell Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and other wines.

Their tasting room is located in Sonoma California’s historic town square. If you’re part of their Wine Club you are probably already familiar with their epic parties and events.

Company Goals

We wanted to drive more traffic to the tasting room. During a consultation Sebastian Juarez (co-founder) let us know that he had seen an uptick in area of Spanish speakers. Being a Hispanic owned business, he wanted to be able to accommodate Spanish speakers in his tasting room.

At Createsburg, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to drive more traffic to the tasting room.


After some research we noticed that not many places were accommodating Spanish speaking clients. By language, Spanish speakers make up the second largest group of tourists to the United States. (English speakers are the first). This was an excellent opportunity to tap into this market.

In order to help the company reach its business goals we focused on the following:

  • Content Creation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads

We wanted to really go above and beyond to accommodate this new demographic. We decided that we were going to offer tastings in Spanish along with Bilingual tastings. Our ads were centered around these tastings. We also ran Google ads to ensure we were still receiving our usual English speakers.


Rancho Maria’s Task

Rancho Maria was tasked with making sure they had the capacity to offer Wine Tastings in Spanish. This was easy as they already had the bilingual staff they needed. They made sure that everything was properly translated and did a few Spanish tasting test runs. Once everything was running smoothly we started advertising.

Content Creation

A video was created in Spanish about the Spanish and Bilingual tastings. We made multiple different videos in all shapes and sizes to run all across social media, from Instagram stories to Facebook feeds.

Facebook + Instagram Ads

The content created was used to run video ads in Spanish to Spanish speakers. We were also able to target Bilingual speakers. Locations targeted were primarily Sonoma County and some Bay Area locations.

Google Ads

We utilized Google Ads to ensure that we had a steady stream of English Speaking clients.


As soon as we let the public know, people started to show up to the tasting room for the Spanish speaking tastings. Spanish speakers from the surrounding areas started to show up. Many of these Spanish speakers were originally from all over Latin America.

Almost two years later, Rancho Maria is still receiving many Hispanic customers. It is now common to go by the tasting room and find people of Mexican, Columbian, Argentinian, etc descent tasting at Rancho Maria’s tasting room.

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